Keppel Capital is the asset management arm of the Keppel Group.

Leveraging the Group's extensive network and deep operational insights, Keppel Capital is in a unique position to create, operate and manage quality proprietary assets from energy and infrastructure to real estate.


Global Assets Under Management of S$33 Billion (US$24 billion) as at December 2019.


Diversified portfolio of real estate, infrastructure and data centre properties in approximately 30 cities across key global markets.


Over 200 professionals who are committed to their fiduciary role as protector of capital and creator of value for our investors.

Latest News

23 Feb 2020

SGXNET: Presentation Slides for Investor Meetings in Taipei and Seoul 24-27 February 2020

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21 Feb 2020

SGXNET: Disclosure of Interest/ Changes in Interest of Trustee-Manager/ Responsible Person

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20 Feb 2020

SGXNET: Disclosure of Interest/Changes in Interest of Substantial Shareholder(s)/Unitholder(s)

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