Our research publications cover a wide range of topics aimed at providing insights into issues influencing the investment and economic landscapes across Asia.

25 September 2018
Retail Real Estate: Brick-and-Mortar's Silver Linings
Keppel Capital Commentary

31 August 2018
Southeast Asia Offices: Opportunities and Challenges
Keppel Capital Watch

27 July 2018
Data Centre: Data Taking Off into the Cloud
Keppel Capital Watch

16 April 2018
Investment Strategy 2018: It's All About Alpha and Alternatives
Keppel Capital Commentary

03 April 2018
Real Estate Disruptions: Boon or Bane?
Keppel Capital Watch

10 November 2017
China 19th Party Congress: Policy Implementation to Strengthen
Keppel Capital Commentary

8 November 2017
Japan Elections: Positive for Real Estate
Keppel Capital Commentary

12 May 2017
Rethinking Retail: Lessons from China
Keppel Capital Watch

17 March 2017
Facing the Future: Impact on Singapore Real Estate
Keppel Capital Commentary

12 December 2016
President Donald Trump: A New World Order
Alpha Commentary

28 July 2016
Recession Risks: Uncertainty the New Norm
Alpha Watch

30 June 2016
UK Voted to Leave EU
Alpha Market View

05 May 2016
Data Centre: Still a Long Runway for Growth
Alpha Watch

29 March 2016
Japan Negative Interest Rate: Limited Impact
Alpha Commentary

01 March 2016
Taiwan Elections: Political Uncertainties Remain
Alpha Commentary

29 February 2016
Asia Pacific: Still the World’s Beacon of Growth
Alpha Watch

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